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Everyone who has never used PRO Bot before, can test it for 2 days without any limitation.
The trial is given automatically when you login on PRO Bot, but in some cases it wouldn't work (security reasons).
If this happens, send me a private message and i will be checking the failed trials manually and adding it for those who didn't get it.

Forum Announcement: PAID Scripts Rules
Paid Scripts Rules

Seller Requirements

To be eligible to have a paid scripts store on PRO Bot forums, a user has to:

  1. have no active infractions and/or warnings;
  2. have an active PRO Bot license;
  3. close all script stores on other Medivia botting forums.
If you meet all criteria and wish to have your store, simply open your thread and one moderador or Arkilys will check your thread.

Seller Restrictions

As a seller, a user is not allowed to:

  1. advertise on other store's threads unless permission is explicitly granted by the owner;

  2. make use of another user's work unless permission is explicitly granted by the author;

  3. incentivize excessive posting on its thread for matters unrelated to its main purposes;

  4. take an excessively long time to answer or provide proper support to a buyer;

  5. not have an active PRO Bot license for a period longer than 21 days;

  6. be absent from PRO Bot forums for a period longer than 14 days.
Should any of these restrictions be violated, the seller's thread will be closed until the situation is resolved⁴ and a message left, explaining the reason, and the seller will have to contact a moderator to have it reopened. If the problem persists for a period longer than 30 days the thread will be deleted.

⁴ For restrictions 1~4 the thread can only be reopened a week after the situation is resolved.

Buyer Rights

As a script buyer, a user has the right to:

  1. receive timely support for any matter related to the purchased good, free of charge;

  2. report any misbehaviour, insatisfaction or restriction broken by a seller to the moderators and, in severe cases, consider a full chargeback, as long as the seller is contacted previously in order to attempt a more pleasant solution to both parts.


  1. While PRO Bot and its staff strive to maintain everything running smoothly, we are not to be held responsible for any damage or insatisfaction resulting from the sale of scripts on our forums, including, but not restricted to, products not being delivered, unmet expectations, scams and other transaction problems.

  2. The rules hereby listed are subject to the staff's interpretation and may be changed at any given time. Users may or not be given time to adjust to these changes.